This satirical video by Smosh Games shows a radically honest explanation of what The Sims really is: ''The game where real people make fake people do the fake chores those same real people don’t do in their real life''.

They are totally right. How stupid is it that we make our Sim study while we have a pile of homework sitting next to us? Be honest, has your toilet ever been as clean as your Sim’s toilet? Or have you ever worked that hard to become a master of garden gnome making? 

This video shows some monstrosities all players have done at least once before (don’t even try to deny it!) like finding every possible way to kill our character, the infamous Rosebud cheat or the better and improved virtual version of ourselves! Creators of the video were also spot-on when comparing simlish (yes, the fictional language has a name) to Katy Perry lyrics!

Though, sometimes, we would love for our real lives to be a bit more like The Sims’ life. How nice would it be to start a job as a podium polisher, to better your public speaking skills in front of a mirror a little and then instantly become a leader of the free world? Or even better: To make a friend, a best friend, a boyfriend and a husband in the matter of a single conversation!


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