Anthony Pinnisi sure knows how to score a date. Not.
When the teen asked his friend Chloe how many retweets it would take for him to get the green light to ask her mom out to prom, she replied one million – duh – but he managed to get that number cut in half. She didn’t exactly object, pointing out (and rightly so) that he’d never get 500K retweets. She should have known better than to challenge him.
Pinnisi posted evidence of the convo to Twitter soon after that and begged the Internet to help him, becoming a trending topic around the world. He reached around 80,000 retweets when his high school discovered what he was doing and admins asked him to take down the message and stop. Metro UK maganed to save it before it was gone: 
Pinnisi did put an end to his shenanigans, but is none too happy with the fact that the media has labeled him a pervert, something he addressed in this tweet, which features a new exchange between him and Chloe. Apparently, it was all a joke and meant to be in good fun. How Chloe’s mom feels about the whole thing is probably a little different.

What do you think: Was his mission all in good fun or degrading? 

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