It's only been out one day, but Sia's 'Elastic Heart' video has already managed to spark a massive wave of backlash and all kinds of controversy. Why? Well, the Australian pop star’s latest clip stars 28-year-old Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, star of reality TV show Dance Moms, who we first fell in love with in the 'Chadelier' video, trapped in a cage together.
Shia wears little more than tight skin-colored underwear and Maddie has a nude leotard on, as they perform a modern dance, reminiscent of what we saw in ‘Chandelier’. We don't see anything explicitely sexual in the choreography, truth be told, but critics were quick to label LaBeouf’s character a ‘pedophile’.
Sia was none too impressed, but did respond to the haters via Twitter, acknowledging the fact that she knew it might offend some and pointing out that it was just meant to be art.

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