There are artists and then, there are ARTISTS i.e. people who boast so much talent, it's hard to wrap your head around what they do and how they manage to do it so well. 

Take Bruno Walpoth, for example. The Italian sculptor creates stunning pieces out of wood, which doesn't exactly make him unique, BUT! he doesn't just carve out little bowls or things we've all seen before. No, he carves human bodies and, to top it all off, somehow (miraculously) manages to make them appear extremely realistic. Just look at those eyes... and that hair! 

It doesn't take a fellow artist to realize that creating life-like flesh from wood must be extremely taxing and must require a LOT of time, effort and major attention to detail. We're also pretty sure that nothing like this has ever been done before, which makes it all the most awe-worthy. Just try not to be amazed (and to look away)...

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