If you've never checked out ThatHigh.com, you're missing out on something special. Every day, smokers post funny moments from their lives that deserve the 'That High' caption and fellow users can either vote to 'Puff' or 'Pass', depending on how good the comment is. It's like Reddit, but for people who love pot. 
Some great recent posts include:  
  • Was smoking in my room earlier and heard sirens. i was freaking out because i couldnt find my seatbelt. #thathigh
  • Ice cubes float in their own blood 🙁 that high
  • What if your reflection in a mirror isn't what you actually look like. that high
We have to be honest, however, and point out that the site isn't the prettiest thing to look at and so, we gotta give a shoutout to WanaBuySomeWow who recently shared a series of comments in meme-like form on imgur, titling his post 'Hope you guys laugh from these as much as I did'. We sure did. Maybe even more. 

OK, they're not the newest comments on the site, but they are classics. Enjoy!

The cat lover...

The driver...

The shower confusion...

The boomerang potato...


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