Redditor Mewbone was the one who asked, 'What's an image that's forever imprinted in your head?' and although it wasn't specified if these should be happy or sad, most ended up being rather heart-breaking. A few were funny, though, and we decided to bring you a mix of the 10 we found to be the most powerful from both categories. Be warned: Some of these are bound to make you emotional! 

Hankythepanky: A little boy named Mahmoud in a refugee camp in Iraq was my buddy. My unit was there for a few months and for some reason this kid always came looking for me when I was on post... a couple days before leaving I was on post and Mahmoud's brother ran up saying Mahmoud was burned and needed help. We sent our doc to help out but he was burned so badly they had to take him to the hospital. His father was angry at him for eating food that wasn't theirs and poured scalding water on him as punishment. I won't forget his body racking with sobs, a towel over part of his face and his skin half peeled off.

enndre: The image of my doberman having a heart attack right in front of me as I was walking her in a park. The way she felt on the ground and started to shiver, her eyes looking at me whilst I was unable to do anything to help, then the moment she stopped shivering and simply died. I carried my 30kg dog in my arms for 1km until I got home with her, since no stranger or taxi was willing to give me a ride.

I_Will_Try_MoreMy fathers identical twin in his coffin. 34 was far to young for him to die.

fuckingpopcorn: The last time I saw my ex as I dropped him off at the bus station. I was crying and he said, "Hey, what are you being sad for? I'm gonna go back to my country and convince my mom and dad to let me marry you. What's the point of being sad now when we're gonna meet again and grow old together? I love you. Remember that.". His mom and dad said no. He's not coming back.

apasserby: My dad requested images of the scene of the accident where my mother died. He's not very good with computers, they were just saved in a folder on his laptops desktop with my mother's name on it. The first few photos were just of the car but one I opened was of my mum lying dead in the car, there was a bloody gash across her front, and her body was so limp and distorted, half hanging out the car, and her face was angled towards the camera, it was just so... lifeless. I only saw the image for a split second before I registered what it was and closed it, but it was enough. I then had a panic attack and vomited, it's been seared in my mind ever since.

BlackFenrir: When I was 13 or something I went to France on vacation, and the camping we were on had a mixed shower building. Some of the shower walls had little holes in them. I figure there used to be soap trays there that got taken out and they never filled the holes... One time when I peeked through a hole there was a girl giving a guy a blowjob in the next stall. I will never forget that. It was the first time I had seen anyone perform sexual acts that wasn't porn.

yes_sir_you_are_beinWatching a guy shoot himself in the head after responding to a suicide call and the negotiator not being able to talk him down

TheSmoetzak: Nudes of my dad and my stepmother...ON MY PC!

EmperorJake: I was young and innocent, and it was the first time I saw porn on the computer. It was some sort of virus which had made its way onto the computer (now that I think about it likely from dad looking for porn), in the form of an unremovable desktop shortcut which I clicked out of curiosity. Up came a picture of a naked woman with what I think was herpes or something, she had red sores all around her genitals. The image kinda put me off women for a long time.

Wiff-WaffDiscovering my mother attempting to hang herself. Worst bit is, after I had cut her down she started screaming about how I would need help. What she doesn't appreciate is finding her like that was far less damaging than what would of happened had she succeeded.

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