Be warned: Pork Track is way too fun. 

The site has a (sort of) full-proof method of figuring out what song you were conceived to i.e. the track that set the mood for your parents to have sex at least once and create the awesome human being that is you.

Did the sountrack of your creation have any effect on the person you are today? You be the judge! 

First, you enter your exact date of birth, then you choose 'Hot 100', 'Country' or 'Latin' and BOOM! Pork Track subtracts 40 weeks from you birthdate and tells you the No. 1 track in the country at that time. If you were born early or late, you can also tick the 'I had a peculiar birth' box and enter the details there, specifying your exact time spent in the womb, for more accurate results. 

Basically, the pork track you get is "the Billboard Hot 100 song for the week of your estimated conception. The idea is that if any song, in the indescribably vast collection of songs human beings have made in our years as a creative species, is likely to be the song your parents did the deed  to, it's the #1 song in the country at that particular time."

So it's not perfect, but chances are your parents did hear that tune at some point around your creation, so hey, close enough! 

Jennifer Lawrence, for example, was (probably) conceived to "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette! See, totally makes sense.

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