At this point who doesn't love Taylor Swift? She basically managed to befriend the whole universe and beyond, that says lenght about what kind of girl she must be (super-awesome-caring and funny). So no one will be surprised to learn that miss Swift celebrated her 25th birthday with the likes of karlie Kloss, Beyonce, Jay Z, Sam Smith, HAIM and justin Timberlake's poop head!

Seriously, Ellen Degeneres' selfie got nothing on Taylor's Birthday party! 

Turns out Taylor & the Gang returned the favor and were seen enjoying themselves at JT's show on Sunday night at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Jay Z even made a special guest performance. 

What. A. Weekend.


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“Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Taylor had one of the best birthday weekends of all time…one of the best weekends of all time!”

Lena Duham sure knows how to make gifts!


My birthday present from @lenadunham is my new most cherished possession.

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Happy Birthday Taylor!


When you're making a wish, but you already have all you really need standing around you.

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