Flight attendant covers Lorde's 'Royals' in mid-air like a boss [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: Nick Stracener Flight attendant covers Lorde's 'Royals' in mid-air like a boss [VIDEO]
Most of us don’t associate flying with a super fun time (especially when faced with the absolute madness that is holiday travel), but we’ve just unearthed the solution: Singing flight attendants!

Check out Robynn Shayne in action below, as she treats an entire plane to a fab rendition of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ in mid-air, effortlessly playing her guitar and singing like a boss. Wouldn’t this instantly brighten up your journey? We bet it would!

It was Robynn’s co-worker, Nick Stracener, who convinced her to cover the song during the flight (he’s also the one who filmed her in action) after noticing that she was bringing a guitar on board.

“On a lovely winter day I came across my coworker Robynn who I noticed was carrying a guitar with her on our trip,” he explains on YouTube. “I then asked her if she played and she said she loves to play and sing. Then this happened. Let's get this video viral for her and get her a record deal! OR GET HER ON THE ELLEN SHOW!!”

She should defs be on Ellen - help spread the word!


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