Pretty sure this one's not in the Bro Bible, bro.

A guy allegedly caught his best friend's wife getting close to some random guy at a bar and rather than simply stepping in and confronting her, he did what any 2014 male would be tempted to do: He filmed it (guess he was putting together solid evidence against her) and then - here's the kicker - he uploaded the video to YouTube.

Maaaaaybe he thought he'd embarrass her and help fellow bros out by letting the world know she's a cheater, but what about respecting his so-called best friend's privacy? You can't just air other people's dirty laundry out in public, especially if you were the best man at their wedding. Now we all know he was cheated on and maybe he doesn't want that. Unless... is that supposed to help him get laid in the future?

Of everyone involved in this saga,  the dude caught red-handed was by far the smartest. As soon as he saw the camera, he pulled out his phone and shone its flashlight in front of his face. See, he's the only one who's not losing in this situation cause no one knows who he is.

Lesson: Think before you post, kids.

(We should point out there's no telling if this is real, but it looks grainy and shaky enough to be legit!)

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