Cirque du Soleil's Kurios takes steampunk to a new level

Cirque du Soleil's Kurios takes steampunk to a new level
Cirque du Soleil is legendary around the world for a reason: You cannot watch a performance without feeling like you have done absolutely nothing with your life compared to the people on stage (or maybe that's just me). 

There is a level of perfection these shows reach that is hard to find in any other production. Every detail is so exquisitely thought out and perfected; the performances beyond what we could ever expect a human body to be able to do.

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities met (and maybe even exceeded) the already high standards I have for a Cirque show.  

As far as visuals go, this was one of the most creative sets I've ever seen. It must have been a joy to be a part of the set and costume department. The steampunk theme is so interesting to look at, giving the whole show a 19th century vibe. 

Some Cirque shows can feel more like an Olympic gymnastics showcase, but Kurios goes deep into their roots - the traditional circus. 

That said, it's maybe not the most traditional circus. This one falls more in line with American Horror Story's current season theme: Freak Show.

The two-headed man, little people, an invisible circus, body contortionists, and an upside down mirror world are just some of the fantastic 'freak shows' that take place over the 2 hour performance.  

I couldn't help but recoil is discomfort watching the contortion artists bend their bodies into a pretzel while other contortionists twisted themselves on top of each other. It's like their spine doesn't even exist! 

All the standard acrobatics you expect from Cirque are also there. Aerial straps, artful trampoline jumping, next level cheerleader-esque human stacking, jumping and spins in the air, a performance you'd expect to see in gymnastics on a parallel bar - but instead of a bar she is holding onto the hands of her partner while he is balancing on a very high stilt like contraption - you know, the usual. 

If you're like me and never got to take gymnastics as a child despite begging your parents - there is something special about seeing any Cirque show. It is the idea of what you could have been, if only. Some people find that depressing, but I find it motivates me to try new things, like my favourite activity of the past year - aerial yoga. It's the closest I'll ever get to being like these masters of sport and art that take the stage every day around the world for Cirque du Soleil. 

Kurios runs until October 26th - if you want a little extra motivation to be your best possible self, you need to see it before it's gone. 

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