Lets reminisce of the good ol' times, when  Mark Wahlberg was a rapper and Kelis Milkshake was bringing boys to the yard. But what exactly did Kelis end up doing after she brought dem boys back to the yard huh? OK, she did have another hit, "Bossy".
Like most One Hit Wonders, the artist often have one other (and final) hit following their first one, but then the heartbeat goes flatline. Here's a very scientific drawing I made to illustrate what I'm talking about:

A) The One hit. 
B) The second complimentary hit, following the first hit, always less popular.
C) The depression ensued by the amount of pressure the artist undergoes to come up with something as big as figure A and B. 
D) The songs you've never heard or never will hear of, could be 10, 20 or even 30 depending on the artist perseverance.

Yup music industry can be a b*tch. 

Most of these bands you wouldn't even be able to remember their names if your life depended on it. Not that it ever will, but just in case you end up in some type of twisted One Hit Wonder Trivia Hostel type of situation, you should try to memorise every song in this playlist!

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