There will be a Sex and the City 3!

Crédit photo: instagram There will be a Sex and the City 3!

There isn't smoke without fire, and there certainly was a lot of smoke in the last weeks surrounding a possible third installement of Sex and the City.

It all started with an interview where Jennifer Hudson said she had been approached for a sequel to the movie.

After this declaration, Kristin Davis (Charlotte) raised suspicions on Twitter when she sent Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) a picture of the two of them at the Sex and the City 2 premiere with the caption "I miss you".  Sarah Jessica Parker answered «I miss you too, have you heard the news…»  I mean can you be more obvious than this?

A few days ago, SJP instagrammed  a photo in wich the real fans of Sex and the City will recognize Carrie's apartment stairs and shoes! Parker also hashtaged: it’s a long day for Carrie.  Yuppp Sex and the City is backkkk! yay #gurlfriends!


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