Is this the worst music video on YouTube? (Hint: Yes)

Crédit photo: gnesamusic Is this the worst music video on YouTube? (Hint: Yes)
We'd like to thank Redditor Rocker13666 for bringing Gnesa's 'Wilder', a really magnificent song, and its accompanying video back into the spotlight.

Writing 'The search is over. I've found the worst music video ever uploaded to YouTube', Rocker13666 has done a great service to humanity by digging up the 2012 clip, thus making us laugh harder than we have in a loooong time. 

The lyrics of 'Wilder' are a masterpiece - especially the 'la la la' part - and Gnesa's tone-deaf performance is brilliant. Remember Rebecca Black's 'Friday'? Yeah, this makes that sound like a track worthy of a Grammy.

Gnesa's dancing is also noteworthy, as it's so bad, it's almost endearing. We also appreciate all the wardrobe changes featuring spandex dresses we're pretty sure came from a shop catering to strippers. No judgement. 

Watch the video in its full glory below:

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