Top 10 historical facts guaranteed to blow your mind

Crédit photo: Top 10 historical facts guaranteed to blow your mind
There are a lot of things we don't know, but what we are certain of is the fact that history is full of interesting stories and unbelievable tidbits that will never cease to amaze us.

Perhaps that's why we're a little obsessed with Redditor internetheroxD's thread, 'What historical fact blows your mind?' Truth is, they all do, but here are 10 of the best:

Jux_ 82Cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing than to the building of the Pyramids.

adeadheadOxford University predates the Aztec Empire by 250 years.

murkyclearPope Pius II wrote "The Tale of Two Lovers" which was one of the bestselling erotic novels of the fifteenth century.

karmanautAdolph Hitler's remaining relatives (nephews, I think) made a pact to never have children, so that the family dies out forever.

mannyrmz123Slavery was not completely abolished worldwide until 1981, when Mauritania formally outlawed this practice.

NiagaElRei: The Ottoman Empire's Sultan Ibrahim I had 280 of his concubines drowned in the ocean after one of them slept with another man. Talk about jealousy and insecurity.

IAmACollegeStudent1: That Joseph Stalin killed more of his own people than the genocide conducted during the Holocaus.

Oneiropticon: The fact that koalas used to be carnivorous. 

examinexistence: There is a huge stone pyramidal structure on the ocean floor of the coast of Okinawa, Japan. 12 thousand plus years old

And, most impressive of all, as told by yours_duly, In 1866, Lichtenstein invaded Italy with an army of 80 soldiers and returned with 81 (made a friend along the way). We agree with sketchynerd, "this needs a Wes Anderson movie"!

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