5 things I learned drinking whisky in Lake Louise

5 things I learned drinking whisky in Lake Louise
Yes, I confess, I had never set foot in Western Canada before this weekend. I always kind of felt like I could go there any time, so it somehow made sense for me to travel pretty much everywhere else in the world before seeing the Rockies.

Well, lucky for me, someone came to stop my pattern! A strong someone with a Scottish accent that had just come back from a trip to space. Noooo, Ewan McGregor didn’t invite me to join him in Lake Louise. 

OK, that someone was in fact a something. I was invited by Ardbeg, an awesome Scottish whisky brand, to celebrate with them the return of their whisky from a 1,045-day trip into space. Isn’t that cray?

So like that, I ended up in beautiful Lake Louise at the Chateau Fairmont for three days and these are the five things I took back from my experience:
Astronauts like whisky... and opera... and cute astro-girls:
Ok, not actual astronauts, more of a makeshift astronaut/comedian that spent the night with us at the Ardbeg party *He did walk in slow motion*

Here are a bunch of things the astronaut loved:
Stargazing through a telescope (Oh, the irony!)

Beautiful astro-girls

Drinking whisky through his helmet


Taking his helmet off (because who needs oxygen, really?) 

“Le ridicule ne tue pas” or acting ridiculous won't kill you
So there was this moving sofa at the event that you could control with a joystick. Well, of course I had to try it and of course I kind of drove the sofa straight into the buffet. #ohwell

But the award for the most embarrassing stunt in the sofa went to the couple that tilted the sofa backwards onto the ground. They kind of fell hard, but then they were laughing, so all was good. If only I had a camera instead of eyes to capture that kind of priceless moment.
Banff is realllll ugly
And by ugly I totally mean freakin’ gorgeous!!! Seriously, the lakes’ water is so turquoise and beautiful, it actually looks like something you’d see in the Caribbean, but it’s like two degrees Celsius. Check it out for yourself:
And the drive through the Rockies is like paradise as well!
There’s no such thing as enough pictures. NOPE.
Sometimes you do have to put the phone down, you know… for two seconds TOP and that’s not before taking the most amazing panoramas in the history of panoramas! I even facetimed my friends right in the middle of Lake Louise. Excessive, you tell me? Certainly! But sooo much fun!

Oh, and props to my awesome boyfriend who brought a GoPro and camera with him!  

Arberg and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise know how to treat their guests right
From the amazing whisky and food we had during the event to the incredible view from our hotel room, everything was perfect. We even had cookies and chocolate waiting for us in our room when we arrived - yeah!

We should know within the next year or so what actually happened to the molecules that were sent into space during that time - and by that I mean we won’t find out if the molecules threw a party while the astronauts were out of the space station - and what the effects of gravity were on the maturation process of the whisky.

Click here to learn more about the Ardbeg space whisky experiment.

Ardbeg is releasing a third edition of it's Supernova Whisky  to commemorate the return of the space whisky experiment on earth. SN2014 will be available for purchase in Canada by the end of 2014. 

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!