Not that we’re experts or anything, but getting a third breast implanted doesn’t seem like the best way to push men away. However, 21-year-old Florida native Jasmine Tridevil (pretty sure that’s not her real last name unless fate was at play) would disagree, as she’s spent $20,000 to add a fake breast right between her natural ones.  

Tridevil had to try 50 doctors before she found one that agreed to carry out the procedure and she’s since been pretty much disowned by her family, according to an interview with Orlando radio station Real Radio 104.1.

"It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they're breaking the code of ethics," she told the station, explaining that she now hopes to star in her own MTV reality show and repel all men. "I don't want to date anymore," she said.

To make things more interesting, Jasmine Tridevil is a massage therapist. There's gotta be a niche market there... just sayin'!

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