You’ve likely seen his face all over social media, as well as his, erm, package. If you live in Vancouver, you've probably seen them in person.

We’re of course talking about the giant red statue of Satan grabbing his generous erection, which was left near SkyTrain tracks earlier this week by an anonymous artist.

The City of Vancouver found the 2.5-metre-tall masterpiece SO terribly offensive, it was quickly removed and is now “sitting in a works yard awaiting its owner to come claim it”, reports the Vancouver Sun.

Its removal did result in a perfect GIF, however. Feast your eyes on this beauty: 
(Thanks Redditor jdk for sharing!)

The open-minded people of Van City are not having it, though, and more than 2,000 have already signed the ‘Bring the Giant Satan-With-an-Erection Statue Back to East Vancouver’ petition online.

Started by Darryl Greer, the petition presents some very valid reasoning: "The City of Vancouver has long been a leader in investing in public art to beautify its legendary and illustrious landscapes... The Giant Satan-With-an-Erection statue, unlike the porcelain dog (a statue placed on Main Street, which cost $100,000), cost the city nothing and was far more visible and likely to stir public debate than the barely visible cartoonish canine on a pole."


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