10 minutes with Dillon Francis @ IleSoniq, talking moms, bug sex and love for Zeds Dead

Crédit photo: Katherine Dydyk 10 minutes with Dillon Francis @ IleSoniq, talking moms, bug sex and love for Zeds Dead
Dillon Francis' debut album - Money Sucks, Friends Rule - comes out October 28 and judging by how awesome everything he's released in recent years has been, we're ready to listen to it about a million times in its first week.

Catching up with the Los Angeles-based producer/DJ backstage at IleSoniq, only a few minutes after an energetic set that had everyone going crazy despite the gloomy weather and rain, we had the chance to talk about music, friends and family and even convinced him to write a love letter to one of his fave duos, Zeds Dead.   

Mister Dillon, first things first, how are you?
When I was driving past the media tent, I got a bug in my mouth - it was the hottest thing that's ever happened to me. Bug sex - so awesome. [laughs] It’s crazy to think, the bug is so small that you could legitimately be like, whatever sex that bug is, you’re doing oral something to it. I think we should end this conversation! [laughs]

Why? It's a fascinating subject! Tell me more...
Well, when a bug flies in your mouth, you’re legitimately giving it either a blowjob or eating it out. That’s what happens. But they don't enjoy it and that’s what’s fucked up and rude about bugs. Why can't you be a dolphin?! [laughs]

We all just learned something, thank you! [laughs] So your set was DOPE. How was it for you?
Thank you! I felt like I did well. It’s always interesting for me when I play on main stage, like playing before Tiesto, I don't know how many vocal tracks I need to play. But then, I actually don't really care at all. I feel like it’s an opportunity to show people more music that's different and not everything has to have a vocal in it and not everything has to be a trans core progression. [laughs]
The visuals were ridiculously cool, is that all your doing?
It’s me and my management. A lot of it is from V Squared, which is a company that we made my stage setup with. They did a lot of the visuals and they kind of just get it from all my social media stuff and they’re like, 'I think you’d like this' and they show it to me and I'm like, 'Yeah, of course I would!'
Let's talk about the new record's title for a second, does money really suck?
It’s funny you say that cause a lot of people have been like, 'If money sucks so much, then why isn’t the album free?' That's not the point of what I'm trying to do, but it is a statement on life in general. Money does really suck cause it changes a lot of people and I’ve seen it happen and it’s probably happening to me right now! [laughs] But I'm trying to stay humble and blah blah blah blah blah, but you know, friends are forever, money isn’t. You could lose your job instantly and that's what I'm trying to get across.

Like, my mom is my best friend and I cherish every moment I have with her cause I know it’s gonna end soon and it sucks and I legitimately don't know what I'm gonna do when my mom does pass. That is the scariest thought for me. Or if I think of any of my friends passing, it's like, those are the people that I talk to every day and if they’re not there, who else am I gonna talk to?

It's very hard to get new friends if you’re not in college. You’ve got to go to some bar and be like, 'Hey, you know what, man? Best friends forever. Guy that's just wasted, just slapping everybody, I like you cause you just have nooooo rules in your life.' [laughs]
Speaking of friends, are you tight with any of your fellow artists from the EDM world?
Sonny and I hang out every now and then. Calvin Harris is definitely one of my good friends that I text every now and then and talk to on the phone; I get him to critique my tracks. Madeon we talk maybe twice a month where we just have a huge hour-long Skype session of sending each other music.

Then I have my core group of friends who don't actually make music and I hang out with my mom and dad all the time. [laughs] After touring it's like you really realize how precious family is and you stop becoming that kid that's says 'Mom, stop taking pictures' and is like, 'Take the fucking pictures cause I wanna see this later in my life'.
Are you always working on new tracks or is it downtime now that the album is done?
Always. On the road it’s a little bit harder. I'll sometimes bring my producing computer, right now I don't have it.

So if you wanted to do a song about bug sex...
I could not do a song about bug sex. I could maybe make a little edit with a couple other songs, maybe some synths, but it wouldn't be that good. But I could if I really needed to, if I really wanted to express myself. [laughs]
Would you accept our challenge of writing a love letter to a fellow IleSoniq artist? 
Zeds Dead’s playing tomorrow, so I'm definitely gonna write one to them!

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Photos: Katherine Dydyk


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