10 minutes with Adventure Club @ IleSoniq 2014, including a love letter to The Chainsmokers & 3LAU

Crédit photo: Katherine Dydyk 10 minutes with Adventure Club @ IleSoniq 2014, including a love letter to The Chainsmokers & 3LAU
The inaugural edition of Montreal's brand new EDM/hip hop festival, IleSoniq, took over Parc Jean-Drapeau this weekend and we had the chance to catch up with Montreal's very own Adventure Club - aka Christian Srigley and Leighton James - right before they hit the stage on Day 1.

You guys are about to headline the Superheroes Anonymous Stage, that must be extra exciting, seeing as it's your hometown crowd? Or does it come with added pressure? 
: Honestly, we don't feel too much pressure playing here cause every show we’ve had the crowd has just been so amazing and so embracing - you can't top the energy that our hometown brings out for us. We feel the pressure to do well for them, but we’re not nervous.
Leighton: We’ve got 75 of our friends and family backstage right now...
Christian: And lots of alcohol to give us strength in our time of need.
EDM shows are generally known for being wild, what's the craziest gig you've played?
Leighton: Coachella. That was probably my favorite show so far and the craziest show we’ve had.
Christian: Craziest?
Leighton: I'm just giving my opinion. You can have a totally different opinion!
Christian: I’m not arguing with you. I wasn't disagreeing. Coachella was my favorite show. Craziest? I don't know what the craziest show we’ve ever done was. It’s gonna be tonight cause of the anger we have for each other! [laughs]

It seems like electronic music often gets portrayed in a negative light, do you find that's true? 
Leighton: It's a shame that any time EDM gets put in the press it’s cause of something unfortunate that happened. It's never about the good vibes, it's always about the unfortunate deaths or "drug use". I feel like once people come to a show and they realize how great the community is and how lasting the experience is, then they kind of understand.
Christian: I think the scene does a lot of good. We’ve tried to do a couple things here and there to give back to the community and everyone in the scene just seemed so embracing of it.

Not to mention there are tons of people who assume it's easy and anyone can do it...
Christian: There are two aspects, the double pronged bad rep that EDM has, which is the drug use and stuff that is an unfortunate thing, but there's so much love and the community is really strong, like Leighton said. I think as far as the 'Everyone can do EDM' thing...
Leighton: I think if anyone sat in front of their laptop and tried to produce a song, their opinion would change.
Christian: Dramatically in 30 seconds. It's honestly kind of like when you'd be growing up and everyone would say, 'This pop song sounds so cheesy, it must be so easy to make' and then the one person will be like, 'It’s actually really hard to write a song that's that catchy and that simple'. Some of the more simple EDM, even if it’s simple sounding, the point is that it’s clean and it’s hard to get that. Mainstream is hard, man. [laughs] And even the stuff that sounds like everything else is still really hard to produce and there’s a lot of time that goes into it.
Your EP, Calling All Heroes, has been out for a few months now, can we expect a full-length in the near future? 
Leighton: We currently have two singles, two records, that are due to come out in a couple months. We have one called 'Fade' with Zak Waters and we have another one tentatively called 'The Drug'.
Christian: He lied about one of them. Which one he lied about you have to figure out on your own.
Leighton: That's true. And as far as album goes, we really want to take our time with that, so there's no official date.
If you're game, we'd LOVE for you to write a love letter to a fellow artist playing this weekend...
Leighton: Who we gonna give it to?
Christian: 3LAU? And The Chainsmokers?
Leighton: Chainses? Let's give it to 3LAU and Chains. 

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Photos: Katherine Dydyk


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