Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: Summer Camp Edition

Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: Summer Camp Edition
The other day I was fondly reminiscing about the summers of my youth and my one experience at Summer Camp... however I quickly realized that I was looking backwards with rose coloured glasses and Summer Camp was actually awful.

The lovely thing about getting older is how we remember things as being better than they actually were, well, most of us. Whether you are a terrified pre-teen attending the camp or a hormone-filled teen working at the camp, it can be a very shameful time. 

Early Home Time:

Like all the stories in this week's Shame Sheet, "Mia" told her tale in retrospect, mostly because 12 and 13 year olds don't find the humour in their stories yet... and probably don't read this column. Like most pre-teen girls "Mia" thought herself to be quite grown and independent, which is why she insisted she go to sleep away camp with all her friends. Her confidence remained strong until her mom was saying goodbye, she felt the tears swelling in her eyes. She knew all her friends were watching but at that moment she didn't care, she burst into tears and clung to her mother's leg.

With the help of a few councilors "Mia" finally let go and her mom drove away, but it didn't end there. 13 hours of crying, hunger strikes and tantrums later the camp called her mom insisting she come collect her daughter. After making it through less than one day at camp she was given the title of "Mia the Mommie's Girl" proving once again that kids are mean and terribly uncreative.

Camp Crush:

A big downfall of being young is how easily you fall in 'love'... okay maybe it's not exclusively a young thing, god why won't Wentworth Miller marry me? Anyway while I was falling in love with my characters on Television shows "Ian" was falling in love all over camp. Now while an adult would casually slip the name of their true love into an article they are writing, children tend to have a more dramatic flare.

Like many younger boys "Ian" had fallen in love with an older woman, well, older to him, and figured his best chance to get her was with a big romantic gesture. He came up with the brilliant plan to pin the flag to his chest and yell out "You're stolen my heart too!" after she grabbed it, but didn't consider the other players in the game. Just a few moments after the game had started someone snuck up behind him and grabbed the flag from his chest, but rather than checking to make sure it was her, "Ian" went ahead and screamed it out anyway. It ended up being the biggest bully at camp and the feeling was not mutual.

Washroom Duty:
Nobody enjoys going to the bathroom in public, and I have had friends who have held it in for days at the time because they were sharing a hotel room with someone they liked... but that's a story for another Shame Sheet. Unlike "Mia", "Kat" was a very successful camper. She loved getting away from her family for a few weeks every summer and making new friends, the only thing she hated about it was the bathroom situation. One summer she had signed up for 2 weeks at a sleep away camp and no matter how sneaky she tried to be, someone was always in the bathroom when she tried to go.

Finally, after five days of holding it in, she decided she had to do something drastic, assuming it would be the most private place in the area, "Kat" ran out into the forest away from the camp for 15 minutes straight. Finally, with some peace and quiet she got ready to do her business, and just when she hit the moment of no return there was a rustling in the bushes next to her. Out came an entire group of campers led by a councillor who were looking for eatable mushrooms, but found a young girl pooping instead.

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