Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco decided to give Tinder a try during last night’s episode of Conan and the resulting match-making was epic. EPIIIIIIIIC! 
The 51-year-old host - who’s married, but no biggie - and 29-year-old brother of James Franco - who’s obviously the smoking hot one in the family - made fake profiles using their actual photos and set off to look for real matches.
Not to give everything away, but Franco completed his profile with this brilliant one-liner: "I enjoy wearing Crocs for their style over their comfort and I hear I look like a poor man's Dave Franco. Fu*k Dave Franco!" Yes! 
The duo eventually goes off to meet a match in THE BEST VAN OF ALL TIME - christened 'Brown Lightning' by Conan - and things just keep getting better and better. Oh, Conan, how you so funny? 


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