Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: Fangirl Edition

Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: Fangirl Edition
Inspired by the vast and intense fangirling created by the FIFA World Cup, this week's Shame Sheet is all about the things we do and say when we lose all control of our consciousness and fangirl. The reason FIFA inspired me so much is because it showed me that everyone fangirls! It's no longer simply reserved for teenage girls and the gays.

I am very susceptible to fangirling. Something about the energy of the room just drags me in and before I can stop it I am screaming and crying about somebody I've never even heard of. The most embarrassing however, was when I was interviewing Ellie Goulding for the second time. She was so lovely that she actually remembered me from two years earlier, and I was so excited I blurted out "So sorry about your album only debuting at number two... guess that's a bit of a disappointment eh?" Now the reason this was so embarrassing was because she had been told it debuted at number one, and had already been celebrating all morning. She wasn't super lively after I broke the news BTW almost a year later that same album did manage to hit number one! So all is forgiven... right?

The Concert King:

"Peter" was obsessed with musicians, basically any musician. He admitted to spending over 2500 dollars to get VIP seats and a signed copy of Cher's album... he didn't even get to meet her! He was also very excited by the idea of being a musician boyfriend, so he always treated concerts as an audition for the guys on stage. When Joe McElderry came to town he knew it was Showtime. As a gay man too, "Peter" felt he truly had a chance to win Joe's heart and Peen if he made a good enough impression.

He hunted down a front row seat for his show and started picking out his outfit weeks in advance. When the evening finally arrived "Peter" found himself running late, due to crappy transit, and arrived halfway through the first song. Panicking he had already found someone else, "Peter" went running into the venue and down the stairs to the front row, and as soon as the first song stopped he tripped and fell down a few steps letting out a massive shriek. We're told that Joe noticed him... but he no longer wanted to be noticed.

The Groupie:

Although the 'golden age' of groupies is behind us, there are still plenty of girls out there still fighting the good fight. 'Ericka' is one of those groupies and considers herself to be rather good at it, not sharing freaky sex stories about Drake good, but there it is. Befriending security guards at the various venues around town, 'Ericka' could get backstage pretty much anywhere in Toronto, and this night was no different.

She was after a certain older rock star, managed to track him down in the dressing room and despite looking worse than his photos, she rocked his world. Shortly after the band walked in, including the man she thought she had just slept with. She was then informed that the man she actually slept with was a fan who had won a meet and greet on the radio... but he was very grateful for the attention nevertheless.


One of the major dangers of fangirling is mistaking someone for the love of your life. 'Sacha' was a massive fan of 'The Wanted', remember them? Like an older, less interesting version of 'One Direction'? Anyway 'Sacha' was a massive fangirl for the boyband and managed to track down their media schedule while visiting Canada for the first time. Arriving at a Toronto radio station 20 minutes before their approximate arrival time 'Sacha' and her friends found their tour bus was empty and they must already be inside.

After waiting for more than 45 minutes she saw the door open and saw a young man walk out wearing sunglasses. Since her brain was on auto-complete at that point she screamed and ran in for a hug. It wasn't until she heard him say "oh... hi" in a Canadian accent that she had made a mistake. However this story was most likely equally as awkward for the 25 year old intern who was just hugged by a crying 14 year old girl.

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