Red Bull Thre3Style Battle of the Playlists Round 1: DJ Henward

Crédit photo: DJ Henward Red Bull Thre3Style Battle of the Playlists Round 1: DJ Henward
Red Bull Thre3Style, the world’s largest DJ competition, is back for its tenth edition and to celebrate, we decided to pin Montreal competitor Henward versus Toronto competitor Intrinity in a playlist battle for the ages! 

The Thre3Style competition is well under way and this year, the world finals will be taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan in September, featuring some of the world’s best local DJ talent from up to 20 countries, including Canada.

Stay tuned for the National Final in Vancouver on July 26 and until then, enjoy Round 1 of our own competition. 

First up, Montreal's DJ Henward! Here's what he had to say about each of the 10 tracks that made it onto his KILLER playlist:

  1. Wild - Snails X Antiserum 
    Snails is one of my best friends and seeing how far he's come is really inspiring. He deserves all the recognition he can get!
  2. ​I want U (GANZ Flip) - Alison Wonderland 
    This song is just FIRE. Gets me hyped every time I play!   
  3. Sculpted - Haywyre 
    Production level: BOSS  
  4. The limit - LAXX 
    This guy oozes originality and this my favorite song from him right now.
  5. Ziambe (feat. Big Narstie) - Moody Good 
    Type of thing I listen to really loudly in my car for no reason [laughs]
  6. I Like Drake - Mr. Carmack 
    This made me like Drake.
  7. Culture - Must Die! X Mantis
    This is my go-to song at the moment during my sets.
  8. Voices (Wookie remix) - Disclosure
    Type of music I listen to on runs. 
  9. Right Here - Rudimental
    Love this song. It has this uplifting tone to it.
  10. Crystals - AWE 
    This is all kinds of good. 

"My playlist's dad can beat up your playlist's dad!"


  • 1 Snails & Antiserum - Wild
  • 2 Alison Wonderland - I Want U (GANZ Flip)
  • 3 [EDM] - Haywyre - Sculpted [Monstercat FREE Release]
  • 4 LAXX - The Limit
  • 5 Moody Good - Ziambey (feat. Big Narstie)
  • 6 Drake - Trophies (Mr. Carmack Remix) [Les Djinns]
  • 7 MUST DIE! & Mantis - Culture (Official Video)
  • 8 Disclosure - Voices (Wookie Remix)
  • 9 Rudimental - Right Here feat. Foxes (Official Video)
  • 10 AWE - Crystals

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