RadarOnline.com has posted a 17-minute clip of a young Angelina Jolie, which they say shows a "thin, ragged, and sore-covered Jolie pacing the floor of her squalid NYC apartment, picking at her pock-marked skin and chattering frantically after scoring a delivery of heroin and cocaine."

According to the site, the footage was shot by "Jolie’s dealer at the time, Franklin Meyer [who] claims he delivered cocaine and heroin to Jolie at her apartment in the late 90s, and videotaped the ingenue during one visit as she allegedly talked to her father, Jon Voight."

"You know, I don’t want this to ruin our relationship," Jolie can be heard saying. "And I don’t want it to be this thing where, you know, we go out to do something or to dinner or go shopping and you know, or her coming out to visit, and not buying something for herself."

As shocking as it may be to see Jolie looking the way she does in this footage, many have dubbed the story irrelevant and are questioning why RadarOnline.com has chosen to report it at this time.

One source went as far as to tell NY Daily News, "this Angelina story is ancient history. Pictures like this have been floating around for years... The video was probably floating around back then, too. Thing is, nobody cared about video back then.”

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