Whatever your opinion of Yoko Ono’s influence on The Beatles may be, put that aside for a moment.

The woman is definitely creative and is an artist doing what she loves, which is great. Sure, some of her stuff is ‘out there’, but it has to be said that there's something special and intriguing about her. Not to mention that, at 81, she looks freakin’ fantastic.

Which is why we were so rooting for her to deliver a fantastic performance at Glastonbury this past weekend, but instead, we ended up with this. We say ‘this’ because we don’t even know how to describe it.

Ono’s performance of ‘Don't Worry, Kyoko’ could possibly be the worst live performance ever given in the history of live performances. It’s the epitome of cringe-worthy and her singing is so off-key, we couldn’t even listen to the whole thing. What happened, Yoko? WHAT HAPPENED?!
We are indeed worried, mostly about her having lost her edge, but also about whether or not we'll ever recover. Mad props to anyone in the crowd who stuck around for more than one track. 


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