MuchMusic Video Awards' best unseen moments, lessons we learned and backstage gossip!

Crédit photo: Andrej Ivanov MuchMusic Video Awards' best unseen moments, lessons we learned and backstage gossip!

All the backstage secrets delivered right to you! 

  • First lesson we learned : no means of transportation is completely safe. Seriously, we never thought getting to the MMVAs would be so risky. We're talking train-window-smashed-by-a-rock kind of risky. *shudders*
    - Super Smashed Bros Window 
  • Lets clear something out of the way : backstage food is GOOD. Like, sliders, fries, souvlaki and steak good. Free booze and cocktails also a big plus. #backstageperks

  • Second lesson we learned : always bring a second mic. And duct tape. When you're getting ready to interview the biggest names in music and entertainment the last thing you need is a non-functioning piece of equipment. Fortunately, kind souls and duct tape angels got us out of this non-working-mic-before-the-big-show situation.   
    - BOO to our shitty microphone
  • ​Much to our disappointment, we couldn't get a word with Lorde backstage. The 17 years-old singer runs WAY to fast!- Lorde running away from the limelight
  • Third lesson we learned :

    This guy had to get through hoards of screaming tweens with his super expensive camera to snap a couple of pictures on the red carpet. Should've got your media accreditations, bro! 

  • Kiesza and her crew got pumped up right before their big performance and we caught it all on tape. Girl can MOVE!

  • Dealing with the Jenners ain't easy! According to a super secret source, sisters and host Kendall & Kylie wouldn't get out of the limo until paparazzi left the area (even if they were supposed to be there all along). They later refused to get their picture taken at the photo op, leaving photographers from all over Canada very disappointed. Tsk-tsk.

  • Khloe Kardashian and new beau French Montana were in town and hosted the official MMVA bash and all the celebrities and jet-setters got to party at Muzik nightclub in TO. Wished we got an invite!
    [credit justjared]

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