Guy who stabbed high school bully during senior year holds powerful Reddit AMA session

Crédit photo: Mary Anne Marcondes Guy who stabbed high school bully during senior year holds powerful Reddit AMA session
When Redditor Accident_Pedo started an AMA session to talk openly about his experience with bullies and how/why he stabbed his high school bully three times during the last quarter of his senior year, he didn't expect so many people to take interest. But they did, sparking an important dialogue.

"The most horrible experience of all was missing out on 99% of social activities during my middle, and high school time," he wrote in his introduction. "I didn't even get to walk the stage during graduation, or even ATTEND it for that matter. I was the bad guy."

Most of the Reddit community felt otherwise, however, prompting Accident_Pedo to eventually post this update: "I Just want to say thank you to everyone giving me their support, and kind words. It truly means a lot to me. I hope anyone else going through the same things I went through can get SOME SORT of help. Better help then I received at least."

Here are five highlight Q&A exchanges from this powerful AMA session:

El_Daniel: Did you stab when he was bullying you or did you came to him? Were there people around?

It happened like this... During 7th period (Our final period) he kept throwing paper at me and cutting his throat with his finger. I kept looking away from him and holding onto that knife in my pocket... We get up to leave, and I'm thinking to my self "This shit is crazy, i'd never actually do something like that, haha"

Then all of a sudden he turns around, talks some shit and before I even have the chance to say anything he kicks me VERY hard in the nuts, and punches me so hard that my tooth actually goes through my lip. At that time I'm pushed backwards on my best friend into a door, he pushes me up and says "Get him!"

I black out there, but after I come to I'm standing there with blood on the floor, lockers and knife screaming "You will never bully anyone else again, you're done" and I just kept saying "You're threw with this shit!" "You're Done!" over, and over. There were 50 or so kids circled around us in the hallway after it was done.

notProfCharles: Do you remember his reaction? 
Tears were in his eyes, lips were shaking along w/ his arms and legs, and he had this look in his eyes that I've never seen again.

ReRedacted: What were the ramifications of said action?

I served 6 months probation, a month of house arrest and a week in a juvenile detention center, and a lot of mental anguish.

DannyJamesWard: You said you went through rehab etc.....if you were to be faced with the same situation again, would you do the same thing? Do you think the current methods of punishment are effective?

No I would just bare through it if I could choose to do it again. I bared though it for almost 6 years, but in the end I just cracked. I'm not one to say about other states, but in West Virginia - No I don't believe bullying is taken serious AT ALL! At least it wasn't when I was in school. I'm 23 now though, but I doubt things have changed

friardon: Did anyone, at anytime ever stick up for you? A friend? Stranger?

No one stuck up for me...if you stuck up for someone you were just ASKING to be on the food menu. Maybe if someone did stick there neck out for me before it got to that point things would of turned out different.

Read the full AMA here.

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