Couple documents world travels with adorable photos featuring LEGO figures!

Crédit photo: LEGO Travellers
Is this the cutest set of vacay photos we’ve ever seen? Yes. Yes, it is.
Meet Craig and Lindsay Haggerty: They're 31-year-olds who love to travel around the world, but aren’t really into documenting their adventures by posing in front of monuments or taking beach selfies like the rest of us. No, they’re way too creative for that and have come up with THE most adorable way in which to spice up their photo albums.
The Haggertys, who hail from Scotland, have been everywhere from Thailand to France, Australia, Vietnam and beyond and every time they embark on a new trip, they make sure to bring their LEGO counterparts with them.

They then photograph the figures, complete with a map, camera, backpack and two outfits (one for sightseeing and one for the beach) in front of all sorts of points of interest and engaged in fun activities galore and all the snaps end up on their aptly titled Lego Travellers Facebook page.
The project has been growing steadily since being launched last year and it's safe to say we're seriously addicted to the LEGO Travellers!

Here they are in Nong Khai Thailand...

And in Copenhagen, Denmark...

And in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam...

And in Queensland, Australia...

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