Daft Punk bassist Nathan East, who can be heard on Random Access Memories, got his start performing with Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra and playing sessions for Quincy Jones before going on to have a two decade-long career that's still going strong. He's played with megastar artists like Ringo Starr, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and Andrea Bocelli and he held a Reddit AMA session this afternoon during which he shared some of his most amazing musical tales. Here are our five fave moments:

Ausu: What is your fondest memory out of those 20+ years?
There's a couple. One was playing for the Pope, and he came and shook my hand. Pope John Paul the II. The second was playing for 2 million people at the Inauguration of President Obama. Two big ones, not your basic celeb gig!

erenerdo: How was it like to work with Daft Punk and did you also get the chance work with Pharrell on RAM?
It was great working with Daft Punk. We tracked live in the studio for about a week, and they had lots of retro synthesizers and two inch analog tape machines in the room. It was a lot of fun because it was just like the old days of making music with a band, just fun music. They are very creative and it's always a dynamic environment.

The guys are really nice. And we had a lot of fun in the studio. I did not get to work directly with Pharrell, as he put his bits on separately. It wasn't until the Grammys until I even met him. But that was fun because we got to rehearse prior to them and got to see each other every day, and that was great.

UniformReconJoey_Valdez: What's been the most difficult song that you've had to work on?
There was a song called "Tears in Heaven" that emotionally it was just tough because it was about Connor Clapton, he passed away when he was 4 years old, so having known him, recording the song was emotional and a little bit difficult, so that was unbelievable.

hellohobbit: What's the best part about being an accomplished musician?
Playing with all of your favorite musicians. I've had a chance to play with two out of four of the Beatles. I toured with George Harrison, and it was amazing, the tour he had before he passed away, and I recently recorded four new songs with Ringo Starr for his new album.

I've had the chance to meet with many of my favorite musicians ever, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Earth Wind & Fire...

beernerd: Who partied the hardest?
That's funny! Nowadays there's not as much partying because everyone is trying to be very healthy, but back in the day, Kenny Loggins, when I would tour with him, he was a good partier. He liked to stay up late, socialize, eat drink & be merry, without getting too far into the details.

Read the full AMA here and pick up Nathan's debut solo album here!

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