Top 5 lessons we learned from Steve Aoki's Montreal show at New City Gas

Crédit photo: New City Gas Top 5 lessons we learned from Steve Aoki's Montreal show at New City Gas
Last time Steve Aoki hit Montreal, it was effing freezing, he played Metropolis and we were forced to miss the show due to a last minute scheduling conflict. Which is why when Aoki announced he’d be back in town on May 16, playing New City Gas with Botnek and Matthew Koma, we knew we had to be there. It had to happen. Bracing the torrential downpour, we made it to NCG and here are the five lessons we took away:

5) Matthew Koma slays live 
It takes a lot to build up the ambience at an Aoki show, as everyone in the venue is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the man himself, but Koma rose to the challenge, delivering some hot new mixes and sounding ace while singing live. 

4) You don't want to mess with EDM fans 
Electronic music fans do NOT play around when it comes to trying to make it to the front or when dancing is at stake. Warning: If you're not into being elbowed, back away. Back. Away. Or go all out and join the crowd. 

3) Cake throws have their off-days, too
Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated parts of the night, Friday's cake toss wasn't as epic as some we've seen in the past and didn't go as far as we were hoping, which means that yes, cakes can have their off-days, too. 
2) Aoki and Botnek should collabo more often 
When the guys of Botnek joined Aoki on stage for 'Vikings', the energy inside NCG reached a whole new level, perhaps the highest of the night, and rightly so because IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING.

1) Aoki is a stage diving king
Climbing up onto the VIP balcony and throwing an inflatable raft into the audience, Aoki pulled off a stage dive for the ages, flying over the crowd. Luckily, his aim is perfect and no one moved the raft or the whole thing would have ended very differently. Bravo for teamwork.  

Now, here's Aoki's latest video for 'Rage the Night Away' feat. Waka Flocka Flame to tide you over till the next time he rolls through town! 

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