Top 10 worst mom selfie fails right in time for Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is almost upon us and, rather than give you a list of things to rush out and buy for your mom before Sunday, we’ve decided to make you really appreciate the woman who birthed you by bringing together 10 of the worst mom selfie fails OF ALL TIME, which prove that some people just shouldn’t be parents. 

Forget everything you thought you knew to be wrong with society, we’re about to go next level.

10) The zebra print makes it classy 

9) Even she thought it was a good idea to hide her face 

8) It's nice to have your own entourage 

7) It's like she's giving birth all over again 

6) At least she acknowledged and involved her kid 

5) That face

4) Meh, why retake the pic when it's such gold?!

3) Who needs pasties when you've got a kid?

2) There are no words

1) No, really, there are no words 

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