Desigual celebrates Mother’s Day by piercing condoms! [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: Desigual Desigual celebrates Mother’s Day by piercing condoms! [VIDEO]
Seems like Desigual’s bad taste doesn't just apply to its clothes, but also to its TV ads.

The brand recently shocked Spain with its new commercial, created just in time for Mother’s Day. The short TV spot shows a girl piercing condoms with a pin. Why? Because she wants to get pregnant, of course!

What a good way to portray women – thanks, Desigual! Are we really that bad and insane?

The sentence “Advertising fiction, do not try this at home" appears at the bottom right of the video but it wasn't really enough to avoid a great polemic. There are already a lot of protests against the ad on social media and various associations have questioned the fashion company's choice.

Conclusion: We have seen better ways to celebrate Mother's Day, but none to get people talking about a brand! 

question is which one is worst the girl who filmed her abortion or Desigual piercing condoms? #facepalm

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!