Lindsay Lohan, Adele and Liam Payne land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Crédit photo: Dimitrios Kambouris Lindsay Lohan, Adele and Liam Payne land in our MORNING QUICKIES
Lindsay Lohan blames miscarriage for missing court date
LiLo was supposed to appear in court after suing Bebe for illegally selling her 6126 designs by swapping their labels to read Bebe, but missed the date and the court found her in default last December.

Now she's sent an official apology letter to the judge, citing the secret miscarriage as the main reason for her disappearing off the grid. Linds wrote: “I apologize to the court in the delay in seeking relief but I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage”. To all the sceptics out there - guess she wasn't making it up. At least we hope not. 

Adele's teases new album's title and release date!
Yes! Yes! YES! Adele celebrated her 26th birthday by giving us the best gift ever: A major hint about her upcoming record. The follow-up to smash hit 21 - which won the Grammy for Album of the Year, thank you very much - is set to be called 25 - nice! - and will drop later this year.

Want proof? Adele tweeted this somewhat cryptic message yesterday:

Here's hoping she's not just messing with us! 

Liam Payne gets seriously sappy on Twitter
Some things shouldn't be shared via social media and your broken heart is one of them. Liam never got the memo, though, and following his recent split from Sophia Smith, Payne decided to air out his feelings, going on somewhat of a sappy Twitter binge, writing:

It doesn't matter if you're in One Direction, the entire world doesn't need to know how broken hearted and sad you are, especially not over and over again. 

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!