This is real proof that Facebook can save lives

Crédit photo: ALL4MOORE This is real proof that Facebook can save lives
What is this story about? A poor little two-year-old girl named Arianna Moore who needs a kidney transplant to live a normal life. She was born with diffuse mesangial sclerosis, which scarred and damaged her kidneys to the point where they both stopped working when she was just seven weeks old.
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Moore was just surviving, not living, as she had to undergo 10 hours of dialysis every single day. That didn't exactly leave her a lot of time to play with friends and be a kid. 

The beautiful girl's parents thought that Facebook could maybe help them make people sensitive to their daughter's case, so they created the ALL4MOORE page to share Arianna's story with the world and see if there was any way someone could help them save her life. 

It worked! A Florida resident, Christy Harding (who is a mom to a two-year-old herself), became concerned about the little girl and decided to donate her kidney. WOW.
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The surgery will take place at the beginning of May and will hopefully be a success. Someone has been touched by grace!

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