Marvel is killing off Wolverine - can you believe it?!

Crédit photo: Marvel Marvel is killing off Wolverine - can you believe it?!
Wolverine was first introduced to the world when he appeared on the very last page of The Incredible Hulk #180 in October 1974 and he's since gone on to become one of Marvel's biggest superhero successes, even joining the Avengers and X-Men. Unfortunately, it seems his comic book days are now numbered.

Entertainment Weekly broke the rather sad news that, come this September, Wolverine aka Logan will be no more. 

Wolverine lost his healing powers, which have kept him alive for decades, in 3 Months to Die and, as it turns out, Marvel writers and artists are getting a bit tired of him always coming out on top and beating every single bad guy he encouters. Executive editor Michael Marts is quoted as saying that Wolverine will finally "come up against an adversary that he cannot win against, he cannot fight.”

And so, as reported by EW, "3 Months to Die will culminate in a 4-part miniseries in September called, simply, Death of Wolverine." Death of Wolverine #1 will be out September 3 with the next three issues released weekly for the rest of the month.

No word yet on whether on not Hugh Jackman will still have a job portraying the character on the big screen.

How do you feel about this major change?!

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