Travel Basecamp just can’t seem to stay away from Mexico – this time around the crew traveled to Quintana Roo to highlight the raddest excursions possible in the area. One such excursion, and cetrianly the pinnacle of the action from that series, was finding a sweet local tattoo shop and getting inked.

This got us looking into the tattoo culture in the region and we discovered a significant pool of immensely talented local tattoo artists. So if you are heading that way, and thinking of getting a permanent souvenir of your adventure, here is the shortlist of Top 5 tattooers in Mexico:
Dr Lakra aka Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez – Oaxaca

Beto - Playa del Carmen

Edgar Licona – Mexico City

Osiris Bañuelos - Guadalajara

Master - Guadalajara

Know any other Mexican tattoo artists you'd recommend?

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