50 Shades! The Musical Does Not Disappoint

50 Shades! The Musical Does Not Disappoint

My experience with the 50 Shades of Grey series is limited to picking it up one time a few years back in a Chapters and skimming through it. 

To say it made me a little uncomfortable would be fair - but only because I was scared people were going to see me reading porn in public. 

To this day I still want to read the books - but not enough to buy them. I guess my interest in erotic literature isn't all that strong. 

BUT - when I heard they turned the book into a musical I was beyond intrigued. How does one make a porny novel about BDSM into a musical - the theatrical genre known for being incredibly G rated?

Well, you make it into a parody - and if people are crazy enough to bring their kids to see it - they clearly don't have an issue with their kids seeing hilarious, simulated sex scenes, or explaining to their child what all the "adult toys" were for.  

In truth, the charm of seeing this musical is the escape from the normal, cutesy, child friendly performance musicals almost always give us. Anytime I can see a play that involves lots of swearing and sex, I'm a happy patron. Case in point - Avenue Q is my favourite musical. 

The performance begins with mom's in their mom jeans, at their book club, deciding to read 50 Shades of Grey. As they read it, the scenes come to life via a, shall we say, interesting cast of characters portraying the mysterious Christian Grey, his innocent new girlfriend and their friends.

This is the first theatrical production I've ever been to where there is no playbill given out - they do this for a reason you will find out should you get the chance to attend. I don't want to spoil that red leotard covered surprise for you. 

All in all, this is definitely a musical I highly recommend seeing. The cast makes a point to include and have fun with the audience, all the songs are absolutely hilarious, and even though it's one of the shortest performances I've been to - it doesn't feel like they leave anything out. It all wraps up just as perfectly as I'm sure the novel does. 

And for those of you who, like me, haven't read the books - don't worry too much about possibly not catching on to the story - it's a fairly simple and fun one to follow - you won't be confused by anything, and it still deviates away from the books enough that you won't feel like it is spoiled for you should you want to read it now - which you probably will after seeing this parody.  

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