Bijinesu neiru AKA "Business nails" AKA manicures for men, is the new cool thing in Japan

Crédit photo: Bijinesu neiru AKA

Breaking down the gender barrier one taboo at the time, Japanese men are at it again! This time they are going for the ultimate symbol - or at least what we thought was- of feminity: nail art.
After all, we can thank Japan for our  BB, CC and blabla creme. They have taste for beauty and trends -no doubts about it-  but nail art to express your virility, well, it's gonna take some time for us to get use to the idea.

Japanese men are willing to spend massive amounts of money to paint their nails, put stickers on them, and basically bedazzle the shit of their fingers in the name of virility.

They truly believe this will help them score with the ladies, get promotions, and make friends, but most importantly, look like ninjas!

31-year-old Genki Tsuitachi explains here

 “Back in the Heian period [794-1185], ninjas would paint the thumbnail of their left hand with their clan’s mark,” Tsuitachi told us over coffee in Shinjuku, his mobile phone buzzing every few minutes and his fingers – whose nails were painted with horizontal yellow and black stripes like those of a worker bee’s body – moving with startling speed as he typed out replies. “They used a mixture of cow dung and the blood of moths and other insects to create a paint-like substance that stained the nail. It stayed on for months, so it was easy to identify an intruder or spy, or someone who tried to leave a clan and deny their roots. So it’s not unheard of for Japanese men to paint their nails like this.”

You know sort of another version of the old bandana trick.

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 credit photo
Do you think it’s hot? Would a bedazzled heart on your man's fingernails turn you on?

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