The Pilion Trust, a British charity focused on helping "all vulnerable, discriminated against and socially excluded peoples", staged the most brilliant social experiment when it sent a man to hand out pamphlets on a London street while wearing a 'Fuck the Poor' sign.

The reactions of passersby were then secretly filmed in an effort to find out if people really care about those less fortunate. Turns out, they do. HOORAH FOR HUMANS! Numerous folks stopped to give the man dirty looks and some even confronted him on his negative, hateful message.

But then came the second part of the experiment. The man changed his sign to read 'Help the Poor' and began asking for donations. This time, he was ignored.

So it seems like most people are more than willing to stand up for the rights of those less fortunate but when it comes to helping first-hand, it's a lot harder to find someone to pitch in. Are you surprised by these findings? 


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