This dancing three-year-old will steal your heart! [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: DramaFever This dancing three-year-old will steal your heart! [VIDEO]
This little sweetie pie's name is Zhang Junhao, he's just three years old and calls China's Shandong province home.

He recently appeared on a Chinese TV show called  Amazing Chinese, which is similar to America's Got Talent, and he had the opportunity to display his unbelievable dance skills! 

Not only is he creative in his moves, he is also a real showman! The sweet little dude walked on stage with a boombox and a remote control and he told the judges that they could change songs as often as they wanted to and he would change his dance to match. He really proved his versatility, as he easily adapted to the different genres. Props!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome this three-year-old prodigy and get ready for him to steal your heart. 

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