Nun wows The Voice Italy judges with Alica Keys' "No One" [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: @TheVoiceOfItaly
No, you’re not imagining things - that really is a nun. And she really is auditioning for The Voice Italy. Not since Sister Act have we seen anything like this!
25-year-old Sister Cristina Scuccia, a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, decided to do something a little unconventional, to say the least, when she jumped at the chance to show off her talent on The Voice.
Performing Alicia Keys’ “No One” – and doing a darn good job – Scuccia wowed the audience with her powerful vocals and shocked the four leather wearing, shaved head sporting, tattooed judges. So much so that all four of them turned around.
Of course, the first question was whether or not she’s a real nun. She is.
The second was why she decided to come on the show. “I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift,” she said.
The third was how she thinks peers feel about her choice. Scuccia joked that she’s sure the Pope will be giving her a call. Brilliant.
Watch her perform below and make sure to pay attention to the four sisters totally losing it backstage as the judges all turn around for their fellow sis. We love them!
So who did Scuccia choose? The guy with the neck tattoo. No, but seriously…

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