Miley Cyrus shows off new WTF lip tattoo and rolls a joint on Instagram

Crédit photo: @MileyCyrus Miley Cyrus shows off new WTF lip tattoo and rolls a joint on Instagram
If you've been thinking 'Hey, it’s been a while since I heard from that outrageous Miley, what is she going to do next?' think no more! The international star has once again caught the Internet’s eye, this time with tattoos and weed.

The former Disney star is living the dream. Between the stardom, the drugs, the alcohol and the copious sex which is sure to follow, one might get the feeling that all this excess is getting to Miley's head...

Of course, the fact that the 21-year-old indulges in a bit of ganja smoking might not surprise anyone, but now it's no longer a matter of speculation. Now, we all know it's true as a photo of the young lady rolling a joint is making the rounds.

Surrounded by a grinder and some rolling papers, the picture leaves no room for doubt:  Little Hannah Montana is all grown up and likes to smoke weed. This picture speaks for itself...

The photo was posted on waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen's Instagram with the caption "Yup...... Recordin with Miley... High as fuck... #flaminglips  #theflaminglips  #tulsa   #lovemoneyparty"
While that is mildly surprising, it isn’t all Miley has been up to. No, she decided to get a tattoo… on the inside of her lip!
The tattoo itself is... weird. After about 20 tattoos, it seems Miley is running out of inspiration. No, you’re not hallucinating, that black and yellow thing is Miley’s new tattoo and she seems to be quite fond of the little sad cat.

The caption reads "Sad Kitty"

Miley's fans have a theory that the tattoo is actually a fake, but in any case, Miley has taught us that whoever you are, wherever you are, you shouldn't get a tattoo after smoking a joint - this is what happens!
If Miley ever tries LSD, I would really like to see what kind of tattoo comes out of that! I should cook her a WalMart steak sometime!

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!