He Said/She Said: Meeting Parents and Wearing Uggs

Crédit photo: Shannon Spurrell/Mike Tinning
One of the fun things about working together is that most of the time, our opinions are so different, we can barely stop arguing to actually write our answers. Topics ranging from meeting your partner's parents to tying real bowties sparks great conversation and we love that you send them in!

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If you’re hesitant to meet your partner's parents, does that imply your lack of interest in commitment? – Family Ties

Mike: No, it means you're not ready to include formal family introductions into the 
current stage of your relationship. If you NEVER want to meet someone's parents... 
that's a problem. Although, there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep things awesome 
and simple for a little longer. Meeting parents is typically: 
1) They love you - Awesome... are they planning our wedding flower arrangements?
2) They hate you - Dad hate: You can change his mind based on your job, hobbies or 
how you treat his daughter/son. Mom hate: You're screwed. 
3) They're indifferent. - They don't see their son/daughter keeping you around... wait, 

Bianca: It depends on what stage of the game you're at. Don’t want them to accompany 
you on your first date? Absolutely reasonable. Still refusing to meet them when you’re 
about to birth their first grandchild? Not cool. After it’s been a while, I think you need 
to ask yourself why you don’t want to meet them. Is it because you don’t want to get 
attached if you’re going to break up anyway? Or because you don’t want to see what 
your partner will look like in 30 years? If it’s the first one, don’t do it. Otherwise, it’s 
going to start looking questionable. 

Why do people insist on wearing UGGs outside in the winter? Salt marks are ugly and if you pronate, you look ridiculous. – Foot Police

Mike: I have no idea. Every time I see it I think, "What in the blue hell are they wearing 
and why?" And I don't mean the entire UGGs brand, 'cause I've seen some pretty 
sweet winter boots for men. Check out the Hannen and Harrisburg models, (UGG people, send your boy a pair!). I mean, the slipper/boots people think are made for 3 feet of snow and salted sidewalks. They were originally worn by rebellious Australian surfers, and even Australians think they're ugly and don't belong in the snow. However, since us North Americans will buy anything, they keep selling it to us. But maybe I'm missing something… Bianca?

Bianca: Those things are hella comfy, warm and you can wear them without any 
goddamn socks. Screw both of you.

How do you properly tie a bowtie? – Knot Virgin

MikeStep 1: Get a real bow tie! No clip-ons, no hooks in the back.
Step 2: Buy a tie. If you want to stunt, TheTieBar.com or Got Style. If you want to ball 
on a budget, Etsy.com or Winners. No joke, you’ll find good stuff at all of them. 
Step 3: Buy at least three bow ties. 1) Black 2) A solid colour that’s found a lot in 
your wardrobe 3) A patterned colour that’s found a lot in your wardrobe. Step 4: Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson tie a bow tie.

Bianca: I love how Mike's answer is basically "Go watch this video cuz I don't have a clue!" Get a bowtie with a hook in the back. I'm sorry but I just don't see the need to know how to tie a real bowtie anymore. Ones that clip on the back are just as real-looking as the original. Plus, as a woman who can ACTUALLY get ready in a flash, I don't want to be kept waiting while my man twists and ties a bowtie. And if it begins to untie during your night out, you'll look sloppy. 

What do you both do when you're not writing for Dose.ca? – Curious George

Mike: I’m a Copywriter/Producer at Sportsnet and I manage a few digital brands. (Views and opinions that comes out of my crazy keyboard are solely mine and do not reflect the opinions of any company or affiliate I work for.) When I’m not working, I can be found yelling at my TV either watching sports or playing video games. I’m also a bit of a photog, although, I’ll admit my flickr contains more women than men. What can I say, women inspire me.

Bianca: I spend most of my time freelance writing and/or shopping. I write for a few different outlets and if anyone checked my Word docs, they'd see a huge range of topics. I have the awesome job of writing about everything from fashion and beauty to sports and sex. It's a good time. 

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