Twin sisters spend $240,000 to be completely identical and share the same boyfriend!

Crédit photo: annalucy.decinque
Twins are, by definition, two people who look alike, but Anna and Lucy DeCinque are twins with everything in common. Literally! 

The DeCinque sisters, who are 28 years old and live in Perth, Australia, decided to get plastic surgery to look EXACTLY alike and spent a total of $240,000 on several procedures. The results are baffling.

From a young age, these twins, who were born one minute apart, have shared everything and never hesitated switching roles to mess with their close ones. The only person who was never fooled was their mother.

Anna (left) and Lucy (right), age four
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The only difference were a beauty spot on Lucy’s cheek and a small scar on Anna’s forehead, but, overall, they were so much alike that they wouldn't hesitate trading boyfriends in high school!  

After going through the same elementary school, high school and professional formation, the DeCinque sisters decided they wanted to be completely identical. They went thought several operations and surgeries – breast enlargements, tattooed eyebrows, botoxed lips - and now, no one can tell which is which!

And they share absolutely everything. Their bed, Facebook account, car, job - everything. Including a boyfriend.

Photo credit: @annalucydecinque
In an interview with the Huffington Post, Anna admitted “We're dating one boy at the moment. There are three people in our relationship. We're sharing.”

Lucy adds “It's not really weird to us. We have one boyfriend and all three of us share the same bed.”

That is some kind of creepy.

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