Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: Public Transport Edition

Whether it takes five minutes or several hours, public transportation is never an enjoyable experience. Through the inclusion of music, magazines, games and people watching it can be bearable but it is always pretty painful. When there is that many people crammed so tightly into a small metal box there is bound to be some shame, and sooner or later it will be your turn.
Personally I have had my fair share of public transit shame, specifically the subway. The long dark tunnels and comfortable seats tend to make me drift off, especially when I'm on the first subway of the morning trying to make my way to the other side of the city.

On a particularly exhausting morning I took a seat next to a rather attractive young construction worker, normally I won't sit directly next to someone on the subway but at 6am I'm not picky. I felt myself dosing off so I hugged my backpack to avoid getting robbed and let it happen. When I awoke not only was I lying on the attractive young construction worker's chest, but also he had unconsciously put his arm around me and dosed off himself. We both awoke at the same time, panicked, got off the train at the wrong stop and proceeded to the wait for the next train and get on different cars. At least with mutual shame you are going through it with a partner.

The Accidental Flirt

People watching is one of the most, if not only, interesting part about taking public transit but you have to be particularly sneaky to pull it off. "Angela" figured she had mastered the art of stealing glances with the use of her tinted sunglasses.

She could watch people all day without them having any idea, and besides people thinking she was a drug addict for wearing sunglasses underground there was no downside. On her way across town one day "Angela" became fascinated with an elderly man's nose hair and spent a significant amount of time staring at him. After about 20 minutes he came over to her and asked if she wanted to go home with him since she had been looking him over for so long. As it happens, she was only wearing her eyeglasses that she had mistaken for her sunglasses. After that incident "Angela" decidedly bought drastically different frames for her eyewear.

Bad Timing:

In terms of public transportation luck, the worst thing is when you arrive seconds after the mode of transportation leaves. Since generally public transit employees are sadistic monsters who want nothing more than to ruin your life, they will not wait for you.

"Shaun" knew how risky it was to run for a subway. There is much embarrassment to be had if you give up halfway through or just don't make it, but he was late for a job interview and had to go for it. Luckily he did not give up part way but he get caught in the closing door, refusing to open them again he was forced to pull his arm out and get spit back onto the platform. Nothing compliments a portion of shame like a side of physical pain.

The Great Subway Conundrum:

The greatest conundrum that urban folk face on a daily basis is the "pregnant or top heavy" crisis. Proper etiquette dictates that all pregnant women should be given seats on public transit, and so they should be! "Melissa" had just given birth to her first child and was appalled by the people of Toronto during her pregnancy.

In the nine months she was carrying her child, she was only offered a seat twice during rush hour. She proclaimed that she would become a part of the solution and make sure no pregnant women need to stand up needlessly anymore. On her first day back to work she was sitting on the subway when a large woman got on and stood nearby, thinking it a great opportunity to start her crusade she said to her "excuse me ma'am, when I was pregnant no one gave me their seat either... so please take mine". Unfortunately the woman in question was not pregnant and although she took the seat, she also spent the remainder of the commute sobbing softly.

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