The birth of your first child is exciting stuff, it really is, but is that reason enough to share the entire experience with total strangers via social media? We think not.

Shouldn't giving birth be the kind of wonderful moment that's enjoyed privately by the parents in question and no one else? It's not a circus spectacle, after all.

But ask American Pie and Orange Is the New Black star Jason Biggs and he'll disagree. So will his wife Jenny Mollen.

The two welcomed their first kid - a baby boy named Sid Biggs - into the world over the weekend and documented every detail on Instagram.
From the car ride to the hospital...

To Jenny being taken into the operating room...
To the couple exchanging love and jokes while wearing surgical caps and gowns post C-section...

Literally every step can be seen on Jenny's Instagram. Which begs the question: Are parents who share such intimate moments being cute or just plain inappropriate and crass?

Note: The caption for the first official baby photo they posted is "Sid Biggs. Full head of hair, huge penis, 10k twitter followers. #babybiggs" 


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