Rabbit stampede chases (lucky) woman on Japan's Rabbit Island [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: Yu Yu Lam Lam Rabbit stampede chases (lucky) woman on Japan's Rabbit Island [VIDEO]
A seriously lucky tourist named Yu Yu Lam Lam had the cutest experience imaginable when she visited Japan's Rabbit Island - actually called Okunoshima - and got chased by hundreds of its adorable hopping residents. Yes, it was a RABBIT STAMPEDE!

Originally used as an army base to secretly manufacture poison gas during World War Two, the tiny island of Okunoshima eventually turned into a wild bunny paradise, but exactly how that happened may never be known.

Some theories claim that the animals were brought over to test the effects of the poison gas on living things while others say kids on a school trip released eight rabbits in 1971 and, well, they haven't stopped breeding since.

As for Yu Yu, she was one of countless tourists who visit the island every year for a chance to feed the fur balls and it seems the treats she had in her bag were way too irresistible. We can't even handle the fluffy cuteness!

Who's coming with us to this magical island of fluff? 

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