After a young girl named Chloe missed school so she could visit City Hall, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson did THE coolest thing imaginable: He wrote a note to her principal, explaining why she had skipped class.

Here's photographic proof of the awesome gesture via Reddit:
Although some have questioned the note's legitimacy, this photo, which is said to show Watson and Deputy Mayor Desroches with Chloe, has also surfaced on Reddit and pretty much solidifies the fact that the letter happened.
We have to say we're not in the least bit surprised, seeing as this isn't the first time the mayor has totally kicked ass.

Just last week, after he announced that the Pride flag would fly at City Hall until the end of the Sochi Olympics, Watson got tons of love and plenty of retweets, but there was also some ignorance and negativity aimed his way. Something he knew just how to handle. Like a boss.

Here's his first tweet:

And here's his epic response to one critic:

BAM! Schooled.

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