Dear fellow Northerners, I know how you feel: Slow, defeated (by the cold), maybe fat and energy-less. Basically, you're in a full-on winter depression.

Nope, all the snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating in the world won't compensate for the lack of vitamin D that is plunging your body and soul into this infinite frozen abyss of slush and snow (brown snow, mind you).

Even the delicious vitamin D gummies won't do. I even started eating FRUIT on a regular basis for God's sake and NOTHING, nada - no energy.

But the point here is not to make you fell worse, it's to help you get through this winter marathon the best way possible - with awesome tracks running through your head.

Because there is no better moral booster than a kick-ass tune, I present you 15 songs that will help get you out of your winter depression.

If that won't do, buy a cat.

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